Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes

Hello, my name is Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes (Kasia)

and I am the owner of 'Healing and Alignment'.


I am a Life Alignment Therapist, Body Spin Teacher and an Accredited Spiritual Healer.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy the journey.










Why not try Life Alignment if you are fed up with hitting unconscious barriers in your life, if you want to get clarity on your life purpose and eliminate the never ending repetition of mistakes you have been making since childhood. 

During a session we can instantly find the core issue creating havoc in your health and life and change it into a positive pattern.

If you are committed to your development you will be able to quickly and permanently transform the problematic issues.

In order for the changes to be fully integrated into your life you can combine Life Alignment with Home, Astrological and Organisational Alignment sessions. They will allow you to create a healthy and supportive environment in which you can thrive and fulfil your potential.


During Home Alignment sessions we work on clearing blocks in yourself, the occupants and your home. Walls pick up and store energy or people and events. None of us would like to live in a place where former or present occupants were not happy, ill, suffering from geopathic and electromagnetic stress etc.


Astrological alignment helps with releasing patterns and blocks created by your time and date of birth.


Organisational alignment works with businesses as well as families, relationships etc by addressing blockages in all of their dimensions and areas. Organisations are living organisms and we can work with them the same way as we do with a living body.

If you want to learn about Life Alignment you can join a Body Spin Course - here you will learn the foundations of Life Alignment which will allow you to do physical and emotional balances. It is also the entry point to further Life Alignment Modules.