The Earth Star Chakra

Zoom Webinar

7 August 6-7.30pm UK time

With Kasia Rutkowska-Parkes and Ursula Barbieri



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The Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is one of the transpersonal (outside of the physical body) chakras.

It connects us with the Earth and creates the web of interconnectedness of all human beings. At this time of expansion for humanity into a new level of consciousness grounding the expanded energy is of utmost importance.

Whilst grounding the 7 main chakras the Earth chakra brings in the higher understanding of our existence. It carries the lessons we’ve learnt and helps us to implement them in our life.

It is also sometimes called the ‘Millionaire’s chakra’ as it grounds our manifestations and helps us to bring in the energy of abundance.

Through the Earth Star chakra we establish connection to nature and to the Earth.

Join us in the exploration of the energy of the Earth Star Chakra. We will work on our life path, connection to the Earth and manifesting our abundance. If you feel ungrounded, tired, unfocused this webinar is for you.

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