The Healing Session usually lasts one hour, during which you lie fully-clothed on a couch and I gently work on and off the patient’s body.



During the treatment you may be aware of energy movement by feeling changes of temperature, a tingling sensation, emotional release or deep relaxation, sometimes falling asleep.



Afterwards, you will have time to integrate the healing energy. We will talk about what had occurred during the healing session and your experiences connected with receiving the healing energy.



Most people say they feel relaxed and peaceful after the healing session. Some are full of energy and others require longer rest. Usually it is advisable to leave a few days or a week between sessions to give the healing time to work.



In general, clients report improvement after 3-5 sessions, but of course all personal circumstances vary.


If you are unable to attend one-on-one sessions, it is also possible to arrange distant healing sessions.

Important Disclaimer for Healing sessions:



Spiritual Healers are not medical practitioners and they cannot give you medical advice. According to the UK Healers’ Code of Conduct they may never advise you on your medication, treatments.

When in doubt always seek medical advice and do not change or discontinue to use any medicine prescribed by your Doctor without consulting them first.