Home Alignment is a holistic system which uses Life Alignment tools to clear energy in buildings and in their occupants. It cleanses our personal space and allows us to maintain the benefits of healing after the Life Alignment session is finished.



During a Home Alignment balance I will test and balance your connection to your home space, environment and cosmic energy. 

After you have connected with your body (your first home) the work on the home plan can begin. I will identify Root causes such as geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation, negative family patterns etc. In order to eliminate or neutralise the root problems we will use Vortex cards.


Sometimes there may be hidden contracts with your home which are stopping you from moving forward and fulfilling your potential. These can be checked and cleared as well.


The positioning and the size of the heart of the house help to determine the energy flow in the building. Many clients have been surprised by the actual location and strength of the heart centre in the home or office .


Each floor of the house will have different aspects, location of the heart centre etc. This is why we need to work on each level of your house seperately. We also need to find the movement of the energy and blocks affecting the flow. These blockages are cleared by Life Alignment balances, vortex cards, treatments etc.


After the session you may be given some 'homework' - e.g. moving objects in the home, adding/taking away plants, lighting etc.




Checklist for Home Alignment:


1. Signed plan of the property/land.


2. Crystals/stones - they may be placed in the house after the session.


3. Samples of writing or a hair strand of all people and pets living in the house.


Please remember that it may be necessary to purchase few Vortex cards (usually 1-3) which will need to be placed in your home after the balance in order to maintain the flow of energy and neutralise the root causes. The cost of cards is not included in the Home Alignment price.


The first session lasts about 3-4 hours (the number of sessions will depend on the size of the property, number of floors etc).