Zoom webinar on 23 April at 5.30 - 7.00 pm UK time

During this webinar Ursula Barbieri and I will work energetically with the Third Eye Chakra to connect to a higher level of intuition and to access our Soul Vision. When this chakra is in balance we perceive clearly and we command our reality at will.

When this chakra is in balance, we perceive clearly our inner and outer reality and we can imagine a higher vision of our life.

Are you connected to your higher intuition in life?
Are you able to observe your mind with detachment?
Which external and internal movies are blocking your true vision?
Which self-images or rigid dogmas are blocking your perception?
Are you the King or Queen in your life, able to manifest your unique vision?

In this workshop we will examine:

How you can develop your psychic abilities.
How you can still your mind and become the observer.
What is your Soul's highest vision at present.
Which patterns and filters are blocking the manifestation of your vision.
Which archetypal energy is needed for you to become the master of your destiny.


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