Life Alignment is a collection of energy healing systems.

During the session, the story causing the problem is released from the cellular memory of the body allowing clients to clear unconscious blocks and align with their life purpose.


After the session clients feel invigorated, inspired.

They feel they are ready to take the next step in their life, 




Depending on personal circumstances a Life Alignment Session lasts about 1.5 - 2 hours. Please allow about 2 hours for the first session.

The sessions are carried out online after a 30min introduction call.

In the beginning the therapist determines the core issue - including the priority points in the body and the story connected with the problem.


Afterwards, the energy flow is balanced with vortex cards while working with the story connected with the block (Emotional Process). 


The therapist helps to replace old negative programmes with positive ones that will transform all aspects of the client's life (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Helping them to deal with their health and emotional issues.


After the session it may be necessary for the client to rest and energise themselves, however some of the clients report increased vitality and feeling invigorated straight after the Life Alignment balance.

Important Disclaimer for therapy sessions:

Life Alignment practitioners are not medical practitioners and they cannot give you medical advice. According to the UK Healers’ Code of Conduct they may never advise you on your medication, treatments.

When in doubt always seek medical advice and do not change or discontinue to use any medicine prescribed by your Doctor without consulting them first.