Personal Power Webinar


Thursday 5 December 2019

7.30pm - 9.00pm


Facilitators: Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes and Ursula Barbieri


Power is the universal intelligence flowing through us. When in our power we are able to engage fully in life as we have the ability to respond to people and environments from our true nature.

Power is a subject that evokes mixed feelings, bringing to mind issues of dominance, control and abuse. In the materialistic world it is associated with wealth and success and also with authority figures and rules. In our families, at school and in communities we often struggle to express our own unique identity.

From an energy perspective Power is the life force in the body which we direct at will for purposeful action. Our purpose is coming from the connection to the Source within us. We are therefore co-creators with the Universe, using our personal response-ability in connection with our Soul guidance.

During the webinar we will use meditation and energy work and there will be time for sharing and holding the space for one another.

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