5th Ray Zoom Webinar

11 June at 5.00 - 6.30pm UK time

With Ursula Barbieri and Kasia Rutkowska-Parkes


Soul Webinars 

Monthly webinars to investigate the science of the Soul.

Every first Friday of the month.

A series of experiential webinars to investigate the science of the Soul.

Information, energy healing, guided meditations and transmissions to fully embody our Soul and for our self-empowerment.



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5th Ray

Join us for an experiential session during which we will attune with the powerful frequency of the Higher Intelligence of the 5th Ray of Light.

The Rays of Light are cosmic vibrational currents that run down from the Source level. They are expression of different qualities of the Universal essence. Each Ray holds a specific frequency which we can call into our energy field to help us fulfil our Soul purpose.

Ray 5 is the ray of Science, Higher intelligence and Unconditional Love. Masters of this Ray work towards harmonising our higher mental body in service to humanity. When attuned to this energy frequency we have access to clear, calm state of mind, we are grounded and focused, our discernment is sharp. This Ray also evokes unconditional love as the Higher Mind is wisdom inspired by the highest principles and values. This is the Ray which anchors the New Age on Earth by bridging Science and Spirituality.

During the webinar there will be information, discussion, guided meditation and group sharing. We will work in sacred space to invoke the Ray, to clear its lowest vibration and access its specific qualities we need at this time in our life.