I have been having sessions with Kasia for over ten years now, often on a weekly basis. She has helped me clear deep, old and restrictive parts of my being, and I've grown so much with her support, I can't recommend her highly enough. She is incredibly skilled, intuitive and gifted. Thank you Kasia!

Dominique Mallee Meeroff, Therapist

My sessions with Katarzyna have really helped me shift my energy and move forwards. I was feeling energetically stuck and she helped me shift things and move forwards, letting go of the negativity and stuckness. I didn't fully understand what she did, as it was different to other healing I have experienced, but I was open to it and it really helped. She has a very warm way and I felt fully supported. Thank you so much Katarzyna. 

Charley - Therapist

I have just listened to the balance – really powerful. I can’t stress enough what an exceptional healer you are, just listening to your voice I can hear the quality in it/you that creates a safe and healing space for people. It’s a very beautiful and powerful quality you have, yet very gentle and peaceful as well. Thank you again for sharing this with me. I am very lucky. 

Nicolette, Musician, Singer

I can highly recommend Kasia and the energy based healing she practices.  I have had a series of sessions to restore harmony and balance in my energy field.  After each session I felt energised, my mood improved and I felt much better generally.  I have also found each session to be incredibly relaxing leaving me with an improved sense of well-being. 

Anna, City Worker

Kasia is a gifted healer, what’s more, she is a wonderfully caring human being too. 

Graham, Life Coach

At each session, I was treated for different aches and pains. The aches and pains have improved, however a more important benefit was that as a direct result of these healing sessions something inside me shifted and I developed the will to take action. 

Maria, Psychotherapist

I felt great benefit from the healing sessions with Kasia. I have improved flexibility and feel much lighter. 

Elena, Pensioner

After my healing sessions with Kasia, I felt less stress, lighter, refreshed and empowered. 

Catherine, Internet Entrepreneur

Kasia made me feel very comfortable. Over the sessions I started to become more relaxed and felt less anxious. I feel more positive after each session and able to think clearly. At the same time I felt that my anxiety, guilt, anger and fear have decreased. I will definitely go back to Kasia for further healing sessions.

Deborah, City Worker