Hello, my name is Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes (Kasia)

and I am the owner of 'Healing and Alignment'.



I am a Life Alignment Therapist and an Accredited Spiritual Healer.



Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy the journey.



Why not try Life Alignment if you are fed up with hitting unconscious blocks in your life. If you want to get clarity on your life purpose and eliminate the never ending repetition of mistakes you have been making since childhood. 

Get rid of the blocks quickly and permanently. Bypass your mind and painlessly uncover the unconscious patterns that run your life.


If you have made the decision to connect with your life vision you can combine Life Alignment sessions with HOME, ASTROLOGICAL and ORGANISATIONAL ALIGNMENT which will allow you to create a healthy, supportive environment in which your life can at last move forward in the right direction.


During Home Alignment sessions we work on clearing blocks in yourself and your home and releasing issues which have been stopping you from fulfilling your life purpose.


Astrological alignment helps with releasing patterns and blocks created by your time and date of birth.


Organisational alignment works with organisations (companies as well as families, relationships etc) by addressing blocks in all dimensions and areas of an organisation.