Zoom webinar on 2nd April at 5.30pm-7.00 pm GMT


With Ursula Barbieri and Kasia-Rutkowska-Parkes

Free/donation based.

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We create our reality by expressing our Inner Truth. 


During this webinar we are going to work energetically with the energy of the Throat Chakra which is the gateway to receiving and expressing our unique truth, needs and wants.

When this chakra is balanced we are in a deep connection with our True Self and are able to fully express our Power and influence the world with words and actions.  


  • Do you feel you are expressing yourself authentically and fully?

  • Do you believe you have the power to manifest your reality?

  • What is the story, pattern or situation blocking your Self-expression?

  • Which voices are you listening to, both internally and in the world?

  • What is the unique message your Soul wants to transmit?


During this webinar we will examine:

  • How we listen to our inner truth.

  • How we communicate our needs and wants.

  • What is our unique expression.

  • Stories, fears and situations that block our authentic expression, our power and our clear communication.

  • Our unique Feminine and Masculine ways of creating reality.

The intention for this session is to connect to your Inner Truth, express yourself authentically and communicate clearly in order to create your reality from a place of empowerment.


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Please confirm attendance by email to

Ursula: ursula.barbieri@me.com  or Kasia: healingandalignment@gmail.com