Radiant Soul Love

Zoom Webinar on Thursday 6 February at 7.30-9.00pm UK time


Facilitators: Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes and Ursula Barbieri

Love is a state of complete Self-Acceptance and Wholeness. 

The truth is that the first place where we need to find love is inside ourselves, and yet we look for love externally, in relationships and worldly recognition. 


Each Soul has a unique signature of Love and in this webinar we will work on revealing our heart calling - the particular love energy we have come to express in this life.


We will look at limiting attachments and the still unloved parts of ourselves which need to be integrated in order for us to achieve the state of unconditional love. 

Unloved Self

  • what don’t I love in myself? 

  • which part of me does not feel loved?

  • which relationships bring up the above feelings?

My Heart’s Desire

  • what are my dreams?

  • what makes my heart sing?

  • who am I when I love myself fully?


Come and join us to connect to your Soul Love and Purpose. We will connect with the sacred space where we are never alone, where we feel unconditionally loved and supported by our Soul and by the Universe.


For booking: please email either Ursula or Kasia

Ursula:  info@ursulabarbieri.com

Kasia:   healingandalignment@gmail.com 


The contribution is £15, payable via PayPal to kasia8@gmail.com