Free distant healing sessions are reverting from weekly to monthly from June. 

They are conducted on Saturdays at 9am UK time.


For updates, themes etc please go HERE 

These sessions are not a call/webinar.

There are different ways you can participate:

- RECEIVING ENERGY - make it your intention to receive the energy. Find a quiet spot and relax/receive energy for 30mins. Of course you can do it with your family or friends who are all in agreement to be in the energy together.

- RECEIVING ENERGY AND SENDING IT ON to people who need it/ the whole world. This way we create a grid of healing energy supporting the immune system of the planet.

- If you are busy at that time, can't be quiet, need to work etc make it your intention that the energy will reach you.

I invite other healers to participate, let's pull our skills together.

I believe that the love for humanity is bigger than divisions and comparisons. It's time for oneness and working together.

If you or somebody else would like to be added to the list please send me a message.

Check my youtube video HERE for the explanation of distant healing.





Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay