’I Love Myself'.


Friday 6 October, Wimbledon, London

6:45pm for the 7pm start (finish at 9 pm​)​

For thousands of years women have been gathering in circles.


Today we again feel the need to share, support, cry and laugh together.

Come and join us as we explore emotions, feelings and everything else that is important to us at this particular moment.

Me and and my friend Tania Zayets are looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Every month we create a space for women to be, share, laugh and cry. It is a place where you can be who you really are. 
Without masks, pretending, fear. 

Join us and just be.

The facilitators of the Circles are experienced Certified Life Alignment Therapists (Women). They use this advanced holistic technology to provide laser-focused healing resolution for every participant of the Circle.

Fee: £7 

We wish for the group to meet every month (usually the last Friday of the month) as constant flow provides continuous and ever-expanding healing. 

It will also be great for ladies to open their home​s to host a Circle.

The theme of the meeting can be decided by the hosts themselves or by the group on the day. 

Please let us know that you are coming and/or wish to host a circle in the future.

It is our intention to meet on a monthly basis (usually the Last Friday of the Month) as constant flow provides continuous and ever-expanding healing. 


Previous circles’ themes included excessive emotions, connection with the Goddess energy, separation, mothering/nurturing, mother/daughter relationship, 'I am who I am'.